How To Create A Blog With Blogger

How To Create A Blog With Blogger

Man creating a blog with blogger

Creating a blog shouldn’t cost anything, and it shouldn’t be technical as well, blogger have made it very easy and completely free to create your blog, and guess what, it is perfect, even though it cost absolutely nothing, you can set up your blog on blogger within minutes

I’ve been using blogger for years now and I have build many blogs using the platform, and there’s only one thing I have to say about it

It is perfect, and I will totally recommend it for anyone that is interested in starting their blog, in this very detailed guide, I am going to be showing you how to create a blog with blogger, if you follow the process I give below, in less than 20 minutes, you will have your blog live and ready for you to manage, 

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So without wasting time, let’s get started

    Getting ready to create a blog

    Before you start creating a blog on blogger, you need one thing, and that thing is a Google account, I am talking about Google email, which is Gmail, if you create your Gmail account, you already have an account on blogger

    Then you are just going to create your blog, this is so, because both blogger and Gmail are properties of Google, and as you know, Google love to link all their products together, products like YouTube, Google sites and Google docs are all properties of Google and they are linked together

    So before you proceed, make sure you have your Gmail account,

    How a blog works

    A blog works like your online journal, which means you can write whatever you want in it, you can also make it public or private, if you make it public, anyone from around the world can see it, and if you make it private, you can select people who can see the blog, 

    You can use your blog to publish articles for people to read, like you are reading my blog right now, you can also use it for just uploading your personal stories, photos or videos

    Who can blog?

    Man thinking who can blog

    Blogging can be done by anyone, in fact, I know of a ten year old boy who runs a very popular blog that thousands of people are reading every month, so blogging can be done by anyone, including you,

    Although, if you want to make your blog public, you need to have something valuable to offer for people to consume on your blog, take this blog for example, you are here reading this post because I have something of value for you

    But if I don’t provide anything valuable on my public blog, it is going to be a total waste of time, so I should rather make it a personal blog, since no one will find any value in it. So if you don’t have anything special to offer to people, consider creating a private blog instead.

    Is blogger completely free?

    Yes, blogger is completely free for anyone with a Google account to use, as long as you own a gmail account, you can use blogger without paying a dime, although it is free, but you can use to do whatever paid blogs are doing.

    Even if you want to use a custom domain for your blog, blogger wont charge you a dime for hosting your blog, you are only buying your domain from somewhere else and then linking it to your free blogger blog, but even without a custom domain name, you can use the free domain name which will given to you by blogger.

    So if you are looking to start your blog and you don’t really know how it’s going to be, it is good If you create a blog on blogger for free than creating a blog on other paid blogging platforms like Wordpress or Wix.

    Creating your blog

    To create your blog, just head over to, it is very clean website, nothing complicated about it, as you know Google like to be keeping their products clean and user friendly, blogger is also very clean and user friendly

    Just go to and sign in using your Gmail account, once you sign in, you can be able to start creating your blog.

    Naming your blog

    Every blog has a name, this blog you are reading is stepzee, so you should also choose a name for your blog, you can name your blog after your full name or even your nickname or your first or last name, but it can be anything, really

    But there’s one thing, if you want to be publishing blog posts around a particular topic, it will be good if you include that topic in your blog name, so that people that are searching online on the topic, they can find your blog.

    For example, thetermbasketball is a blog that I created, now looking at the name alone, you will have the idea of what the blog is about, it is about Basketball, and you might notice that I didn’t give space when writing the term basketball, 

    The reason is, the url of your blog cannot contain space, for example, if you want to name your blog tomato tree, the url of your blog will have to be tomatotree, I hope you understand this.

    So now you should name your blog using the box blogger provided for you like you are seeing in the screenshot below, 

    Choosing a name for blogger blog

    after that, you should enter your domain name, your domain is like the url of your blog, so if your blog name is your blog, then your url should be yourblog,

    And you may notice that, there is a blogspot added at the end of your domain name, this is so because, you are using a subdomain, when you use subdomain, it means you are getting the domain name for free, but a paid domain name will not include anything apart from your url which can be something like this,, and so on.

    Choosing a theme for your blog

    After giving your blog a name and a subdomain, it is time for you to give it a beautiful look and feel, blogger provides some themes you can choose from, just choose anyone and see how it looks for your blog, you can change your theme anytime.

    Blogger custom themes

    You can also buy a premium theme and apply to your blogger blog if you wish, like for this blog, the theme you are seeing on this blog is premium theme that I bought and applied for my blog, so for now, just choose anyone and continue.

    Setting a layout for your blog

    After choosing your theme, you should also spend time setting the layout of your blog, the layout is how your blog is set up from section to section, you need to give your blog a header, which should contain your blog logo, then the side bar and the footer of your blog, take your time and set everything to be perfect.

    Blogger layout page

    To set a layout for your blog, go to the layout section form your dashboard, then you can start setting the layout, 

    Setting a favicon for your blog

    A favicon is like your blog logo on search pages, after creating your blog on blogger, if you don’t set up your own favicon, your blog will have the blogger own favicon, which makes no sense at all to me, since you have created your blog, you should own it and it should look pleasant and customized to your taste.

    Go to settings and scroll down to find favicon, select it and upload a small picture of 100x100 px containing your logo, after that, save and refresh the page and you are done.

    Here is an example of a favicon

    Optimizing your blog for search engines

    If you choose to create public blog like this one and you also want people to find it from anywhere around the world, then there’s one important thing you must do, and that thing is search engine optimization or simply SEO.

    If you do SEO for your blog, it will rank high in search engines and it will be able to attract organic traffic to your blog, for example, I have published a lot of posts on this blog, and if you search for them on search engines, you are going to see them.

    It wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t do SEO for this blog, so how can you do SEO for your blog, is it complicated? In a short answer, basic SEO is not hard to do, but technical SEO is difficult, in fact, many internet marketers are paying SEOs to optimize their blog for them, but since you are just starting out, you don’t have to worry about technical SEO, just follow the below process to optimize your blog for search engine.

    Unless you want to create a private blog

    Write a meta description

    A Meta description is the description of your blog, for example, if you search for this blog “Stepzee” you are going to see the description of the blog, if you write a Meta description for your blog, the search engines will understand what your blog is about and rank it high when people search it.

    Meta Description for blogger blog

    Apart from that, writing a Meta description will also help searchers to understand what your blog is about.

    There’s nothing complicated with writing a Meta description for your blogger blog, just go to settings and scroll down to the meta tags section and enable it, then write your description, your description should be not more than 150 words.

    Just write what your blog is about and what people are going to benefit when they visit your blog and that’s it, if you are looking for an example, check out the description of this blog by searching for stepzee on Google.

    Create a robot.txt file

    Robot.txt file when created for your blog will communicate with search engine crawlers and help them decide where to crawl on your blog and where not to crawl, having a robot.txt file for your blogger blog will help your pages and blog posts rank higher in search engines.

    For example, if I own a blog about how to grow tomatoes and I also create a robot.txt file for my blog and you also own the same blog type of blog about tomatoes but didn’t create a robot.txt file for your blog, my blog pages and posts may rank better than yours

    And with this, when people are looking for how to grow tomatoes, they will likely find my site rather than yours, so you see, creating a robot.txt file for your blog is very important.

    Just go to settings and scroll down to the Crawlers and indexing section and enable it, when you do this, you will have access to write your robot.txt file, when you see this, you should start writing your robot.txt file

    This is how it should be, copy every text from below and paste it into the space, but make sure you replace the”https://” with your blog url

    Set up custom robot header tags

    Custom robots header tags works similarly to the robot.txt file, it will also help the search engines to crawl your blogger blog much better, to set your custom robot header tags just go to settings and scroll down to the crawlers and indexing section and just below the robots.txt section, you will see it, 

    Custom robot Header tags

    just enable it, open the homepage tags and enable “no index” and save it, next open the “archive and search pages” and enable the “no index” and save it, next open the “post and page tags” and enable the all and then save it, that’s it 

    If you do all the above things, congratulations, your blogger blog is fully optimized for search engines, and it will rank in search engine within a few days or weeks.

    Creating important pages for your blog

    If you are building a public blog, then there are some special and very important pages you should have on your blog, with these pages, your blog will look professional and trustworthy, these pages are About us, Contact us and Privacy and Policy pages, creating pages for you your blogger blog is very easy, just choose the pages icon and select new page.

    About us page

    The about us page is a very important page that will tell people what your blog is about and how it will help them, it will also show them who the owner of the blog is and why the blog was created in the first place, if you do this, you are interacting with your blog visitors, and they will love your blog too, 

    There’s nothing complicated about creating an about us page, just create a new page, name it “About us” and then write a brief introduction to your blog and why people should read it, you can also write about yourself since you are the owner of the blog, take stepzee about us page for example, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you see about us, click it and take a look at how I created it

    Contact us page

    Contact us page is also an important page, it will help your visitors contact you with ease, of course you should create a contact us page, since you are writing for people to read, you should also be ready to hear from them,

    Just create a new page, name it “Contact us” and then write a few sentences and include how they can contact you, it can be through email, phone or a contact form.

    Privacy policy page

    A privacy policy page is a very good page for every blog, it will help your visitors trust your blog and you, and also, having a privacy policy page is mandatory in so many countries like the US, it is a page where you let them know how your blog interact and store their data when they visit your blog, it is a boring page, but very important

    And you can pay to have it or you can generate a free one using some online tools, all you have to do it to enter your blog name and URL followed by a few checks and you are done, you will receive it right on the tool and then you can copy it and paste it into the new page you are creating, and then name the page Privacy Policy.

    Creating blog posts on blogger

    After creating your blog, the most important things are the blog posts you publish on the blog, blog posts are something like this one you are reading, you just have to write for people to read, if your blog is about teaching people how to hike

    You can publish blog posts about it on your blog for people to read, there is one more thing though, when creating your blog posts, make sure you are targeting a low competition keyword that also have some few searches every month.

    For example, you don’t want to waste time writing a blog post that no one is searching for, before writing your blog posts, first make sure that people are searching for it and it is also easy for you to rank with, you can use keyword research tools to find low competition keywords to write your blog posts around.

    And when creating your blog posts, include pictures and headings to make it look clean and pleasant for people to read, nobody want to read a long page with a giant block of text with no headings, take this blog post for example.

    You can see how the blog is broken up into different sections, each of the section are like individual topics, and all of the sections have a heading, this will help readers to understand what they are reading, and if you want your blog posts to rank on search engines, you should make sure they include at least 500 words.

    Promoting your blog

    After creating your blog, nobody know about it, and it is going to take a very long time to start getting any visitors or readers, so to help your blog perform better and get your first visitors and readers, you can promote it.

    I am talking about letting people know about your blog, but before you start promoting your blog, make sure it contains a handful of pages and blog posts that people can consume, nobody wants to visit an empty page, no, its annoying, so after creating your blog, publish at least five blog posts before you start promoting it.

    To promote your blog, you can create social media profiles for it, things like facebook page, pinterest profile, and twitter account for your blog are all good, and you should take advantage of that.

    How do bloggers get paid?

    Just in case you are asking, yes, you can make money from your blog, but there’s a reason why I mention it in the last part, most new bloggers are jumping into blogging simply because they know they can make money with it.

    And most of them are failing hard, why because they are greedy, they want to make money without doing what they are supposed to do, in order for you to make any money for you blog, you need to at least make your blog professional and also publish some few contents that will help you earn.

    You also need visitors to make any money from you blog, so you can’t just jump into blogging and start expecting to make money immediately, you need time, effort and knowledge to make any money from blogging, bare this in mind.

    Bloggers can get paid through ads, promote affiliate links on their blogs, offer services, sell their personal products or sell some advertising space on their blog that other businesses can promote their business on.

    And each of these monetization method won’t work if your blog is just new and have less or no visitors at all, so before you even think of making money from your blog, make sure you the needful first, that’s why I mentioned in the last section.

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    So that’s all about how to create a blog with blogger, if you follow the exact processes that I showed you above, you can create your blog on blogger all by yourself and also optimize it to rank in search engines, If you have any questions or anything you would like to say, 

    please leave it in the comments section, and don’t forget to share this article to help me reach more people, sharing is caring, so have a nice day and happy blogging, I hope to see you next time

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