How to Make Money with Inboxdollars in Nigeria

How to Make Money with Inboxdollars in Nigeria

Inboxdollars in nigeria

Inboxdollars is a website where users can sign up and make money from through watching videos, taking surveys, getting cashbacks on orders and so on

In this post, I am going to show you how you can make money with inboxdollars in Nigeria, most people think that Nigerians cannot use inboxdollars, meanwhile, this is quite true, but using a technical system, you can use inboxdollars in Nigeria

If you are asking how true this is, I am also using inboxdollars in Nigeria and I have received my previous earnings though my paypal account as you can see in the bellow image

Inboxdollars earning proof
My Inboxdollars earnings

I am writing this post because I know that a lot of people in Nigeria are interested in making quick and easy money online, and since this method is currently working, I decided to share it with others so that they can also benefit from it

So without wasting time, lets skip the fluff and get right into todays guide. Are you ready!

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    What is inboxdollars?

    Inboxdollars is an American based website that allows its users to make money online easily through surveys, watching videos, getting cashbacks on orders and so on, the company was found in 2000 and since its opening, it claims to have paid over 80 million dollars to its users.

    Inboxdollars is similar to Swagbucks, because swagbucks also allows its users to take surveys, watch videos and make money from doing any of this things.

    Although, they work similarly, but inboxdollars pays more than swagbucks, on swagbucks, you can make 1-10 SB on each survey you take, but on inboxdollars, you can make from $0.25 to $100.

    For more information on making money with swagbucks, you should read How to make money with swagbucks in nigeria

    Does inbox dollars work in Nigeria?

    In a general note, inboxdollars doesn’t work in Nigeria, however, with a strong VPN, if you change your virtual location, you can be able to access the website and sign up for an account and also use the website to take surveys, watch videos and make money from the website.

    If you are living in Nigeria and still looking for ways to earn some free money by using the internet, then I will highly recommend you sign up and start using inboxdollars, and if you are confused on how to start using the website, continue reading till the end.

    Requirements to make money with inboxdollars in Nigeria

    1. A strong VPN

    First, you should know that in general, inboxdollars does not accept Nigerians into the platform, so the only way to bypass this is by using a strong VPN, a VPN will help you change your location from Nigeria to the United States

    And if you do this, you can be able to access the website and sign up, but also bear in mind that not all VPNs are good enough for this, the VPN I currently use to access this website is called “Windscribe VPN” so you will need to download it on your phone

    If you are using Android phone, go to playstore and search for “Windscribe” it has a black logo with a yellow “W” sign followed by a octagon outline as you can see in the below image

    Download and install it on your phone.

    2. Verified paypal account

    You will also need a verified paypal account to be able to make money with inboxdollars, the reason why I am saying this is, it is important to know

    because if you sign up on inboxdollars with an email, your paypal account will also need to be signed up using that same email with the same name you used to sign up for paypal

    if you don’t have a verified paypal account, you won’t be able to withdraw your inboxdollars earnings to paypal, unless if you want to use other payment methods, which I haven’t tried myself, I only share the things that worked for me so you will need this paypal account

    if you don’t have a paypal account, check out my post, how to create a paypal account in Nigeria after creating your paypal account then you are good to go

    3. Email address

    Without an email address, you won’t be able to sign up for inbox dollars, so to get started, create an email address, please note that, the same email you use to sign up for paypal will be the same email you should use to sign up for inboxdollars

    Because, if you use a separate email, you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings, which doesn’t make any sense to me, so if you have all these 3 requirements, you are good to go.

    How to make money with inboxdollars in Nigeria

    Follow all the below steps to start making money with inboxdollars in Nigeria, follow all the steps leaving none of them behind.

    1. Turn on VPN

    Like I said before, you cant be able to use inbox dollars in Nigeria without a VPN, and since you’ve downloaded the windscribe VPN, lets get started

    Open windscribe and choose United States, in my case, I used Dallas as my virtual location for this purpose, so you can choose anyone of your choice

    After choosing your virtual location tap on the power button at the top right side of the screen to connect to the location, if you have successfully connected to the location you will see a locked padlock and a timer

    2. Sign up on inboxdollars

    Now that your virtual location is active, open your preferred browser, in my case, I use the Chrome browser, so open your favorite browser and go to

    Inboxdollars homepage

    Once you are on the website, enter your email, enter a password, confirm your password and click the “Sign Me Up” button

    And just before you sign up, you should quickly know that, if you sign up, you will get a $5 sign up button, as you can see the notice on the website it is real

    So fill in your details and sign up, after signing up, they will take you directly to your account 

    3. Confirm your email

    After signing up with your email address and password, you wont receive the $5 sign up bonus, you first need to confirm your email, so this case

    Go to your email and click the link they sent to you, after that, you have successfully confirmed your email

    Inboxdollars $5 sign up bonus

    You will receive a congratulations message telling you that you have successfully earned your $5 welcome bonus, you will also see it in your dashboard at the top right side of your dashboard.

    Inboxdollars earning

    4. Start taking surveys and make money on inboxdollars

    After signing up for inboxdollars, you can start making money from the spot, most of the surveys will make you anywhere from $0.25 to about $100 or so, I haven’t done any of the big amount surveys before

    But even with the small ones, you can still make money with inbox dollars, you can watch videos, take surveys, or get cashbacks and make money.

    How much can you make from inboxdollars?

    You can make $20 to $300 monthly based on your activity on inboxdollars, it is just like a side income for you to be able to make some few bucks that you can be spending on mobile data and lunch, because you cant make huge money from it.

    but if you are expecting to make good money online you can try freelancing, Blogging, you can also read my blog post on How to get paid by youtube in Nigeria


    So there you have it my friends, if you’ve been looking for how to make money with inboxdollars then I am pretty sure I’ve answered your question

    And just in case I forgot to mention anything or if you have any questions or anything to say about this post, kindly bring it to the table

    And also, if you are having any trouble signing up or making withdrawals, I will also like to help you out, so now that you got value out of this post kindly help me share it with others by using any of your preferred social icons below, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you next time.

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    1. Do I need to use an email and PayPal with a fake information?

    2. Great Job, Sir, amhaving issue trying to sign up. Here is the message "the email has already been used" how can I handle this please?

    3. Email address has already been used is what I got after several attempts with different email address.

      1. Same with me.. it's not signing up. Tells me Everytime my email is already used.. even with newly created email adresses

    4. Good evening sir, when am on the survey it ask me of zip code

      1. Just search the following on Google >>>Your State zip code<<<<<

        For example >>>Lagos zip code<<<<

    5. @agyo James please can I use Gmail to register with both PayPal and inboxdollars? Thank you in anticipation

    6. Hello,
      Great info you have provided,
      Pls I need to know if I can use the paypal app I found on playstore or use google chrome to access paypal.
      Thank you

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